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Finding the right HRIS software vendor can be very time consuming. We are dedicated to helping you narrow the field down to find the best HR software that meets your specific needs. Our team of HR professionals have many years of experience evaluating HR software and matching organizations of any size and industry with the best HRIS package for them.

What is HR Software?

Getting Started With HRIS Payroll Software

HR software automates many of the tasks that were traditionally done manually by HR professionals. This helps to free up employee’s time for more important and lucrative tasks while minimizing errors and improving business processes. People are a company’s most valuable asset and HR software helps companies optimize people management.

HRIS software solutions may vary widely, but some features that are typically built-in include:

  • Payroll software that track employee salaries and manage deductions
  • Benefits administration that manages employee insurance premiums, retirement programs, and PTO
  • Time and attendance tracking that tracks absences as well as time worked
  • Applicant tracking systems that handle recruiting and on-boarding
  • Employee information storage, which keeps all crucial employee information secure but easy to access when needed
  • Employee scheduling that alerts managers of staffing needs on a company-wide basis
  • Learning management systems which may track and manage different aspects of training and reporting
  • Human capital management, which can help with evaluations, development, and other aspects of talent management
  • Employee self-service that allows employees and managers to log into the system remotely to manage and view their own information

Nearly any company can benefit from integrating a HRIS software solution, no matter what industry or what the size of the company. Implementing HR software can help organizations analyze vast amounts of information about human capital that can help to streamline recruiting, identify skills or staffing gaps, and optimize management of the talent that already exists in the company. HR software can also help to save money and increase productivity by identifying patterns that are doing the company financial harm.

With the wide range of different types of HRIS solutions available it is important to identify what the goals of integrating software will be in order to narrow down options. Selecting one main goal that is a priority and identifying a few smaller preferences is an approach that will make HR software shopping easier. This can help to save complications later and ensure the best fit for the company.

Common company goals that are achievable with the right HRIS include:

  • Automating human resources administrative tasks-best for companies that are new to HR software
  • Managing staffing, recruiting, and scheduling needs for a very large workforce
  • Optimizing recruiting and hiring systems
  • Managing the training and development of company talent

Our HRIS experts are dedicated to helping you find the system that is perfect for your company. We do intensive research on the best HRIS software solutions available from the hottest vendors so that you don’t have to. We save you time and money by analyzing the various features and functions of each system and providing line by line comparisons that help take the guesswork out of the venture.

When you contact us by phone or email, we will evaluate your needs and goals and provide you with a short list of HR software options and vendors that will best serve your purposes in just a few minutes. Let us make your life easier!

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