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5 Tips for Hiring the Right HRIS Consultant

By: Dave Rietsema
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If you know that your company employees do not have the expertise to implement a HRIS without assistance, hiring a HRIS consultant can help you to save time while ensuring that the project gets completed correctly. A HRIS consultant can help you to improve your processes so that you can make the best use of the new system and can help to train managers and employees on using the system. Of course, not all consultants are right for your company, so the following tips can help you choose wisely.

1. Attain Recommendations from Trustworthy Sources

Finding a HRIS consultant is the first step to hiring one. Talk to professional friends and business acquaintances that you know that have used a consultant before and ask whether they would recommend the consultant that they worked with. If you do not have personal resources to draw from, consult a professional association, do some research to find a consultant firm, or consider hiring a consultant from the company supplying your HRIS.

2. Check Their Credibility

After you have located a consultant that is on your prospective hire list, check their credibility. Ask for their certifications and a listing of their achievements with other firms. Make sure that you consider whether they have worked with a company that is similar to yours before, as well, as a consultant may know everything about a system but nothing about how to actually make it work for your company.

3. Investigate the Reputation of the Firm

While the consultant will be your point of contact throughout your HRIS implementation, the firm backing the consultant should also be considered. The firm trained the consultant and provides the consultant with support and advice, so if the firm goes belly-up or gives bad advice it can directly affect your project and your company. While the reputation of the firm shouldn’t make you overconfident about the consultant, it should give you cause to worry if the reputation is questionable.

4. Dig Deep Into References

While you can do some online research to find references, you should also be able to get references from a consultant when you ask for them. A good consultant firm that is well established should be able to provide you with a list of references from companies similar to your own that have had pleasant experiences working with both the company and the specific consultant. If at all possible, speak to some of the companies directly so that you can separate the facts from the sparkling recommendations that may be misleading.

5. Interview to Assess Fit

When you finally meet with a consultant face to face, you should feel relatively confident about their credibility and skills, so the meeting should mainly be focused on assessing their fit with your company culture and making sure that their goals match your goals. Ask odd questions that will reveal their sense of humor and bring your list of goals for the HRIS so that you can go through it line by line to gauge their reaction and hear their ideas. Since the interview is the final call, be picky and don’t ignore your gut instincts.

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