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5 Ways HR Software Analytics Can Help Your Organization

By: Dave Rietsema
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HR software analytics have been around for a few years now, but it’s not always obvious how they can help you improve operations. Fortunately, most HRIS software comes with analytics, so being more informed can help you make the most of this feature.

Provide Insights into Sourcing and Recruitment

HR software analytics can help you start out on the right foot by figuring out your best sources for top talent. Reports can be configured to show which sources provided employees that stayed on for a specific amount of time after hire, potentially reducing new hire turnover.

Reports can also be used to identify which parts of the hiring process are taking the longest, allowing for more focused action. To improve the candidate experience, reports can be used to analyze surveys regarding careers pages and recruitment websites.

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Aid in Real-Time Decision Making

Analytics features can track and present data that can assist with real-time decision making. For example, cross-referencing scheduling information and sales allows managers to better control labor and overtime in the moment.

Track Employee Performance and Productivity

KPIs can be used to present measurable information regarding employee performance and productivity. This information can alert managers to skills gaps and training needs, or can be used to show how one employee is shining in their position. This information can be used to support succession plans and training programs.

Gauge Engagement

Employee engagement surveys can help employers to get a feel for overall employee job satisfaction and can indicate areas that need improvement. Unfortunately, employee engagement surveys have historically been ineffective, as the results have been difficult to analyze. Administering employee engagement surveys in-house can also be uncomfortable.

Using HR software and analytics to administer employee engagement surveys and analyze the results may be a more effective way to gauge engagement. Employees can take the survey using a mobile device at the time and place of their choosing, easing the pressure. Analytics tools can then be used to compile the data and comments to provide real insights.

Plan for the Future

Predictive analytics aren’t perfect, but they can assist with planning when used properly. Predictive analytics take data from multiple sources and report the potential results of different scenarios. While these potential scenarios and suggestions are fallible and shouldn’t be expressly relied upon, they can help managers create more detailed and thoughtful plans for the future.

Predictive analytics may make it easier for retail managers to plan for holidays, for school administrators to plan for a new year with more students, and for employers in other industries to strategically plan in a myriad of other ways. Viewing predictive analytics may help managers to thoughtfully plan for a brighter future.

Human resources is often viewed as the softer side of business, with a value that is difficult to measure and present. Analytics can help HR managers quantify some of the value of people management, which can be beneficial to the department and the organization.

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