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5 Ways HRIS Can Improve Your Company Culture

By: Dave Rietsema
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Company culture is defined as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and managers interact with one another and handle transactions outside of the business. Company culture may begin with company visions and goals, but it typically evolves organically as new employees are hired and add their character traits to the mix. Changing a company culture can be difficult, but can be made easier with the help of an HRIS solution.

1. Increases Visibility of Mission and Vision

With some HRIS solutions, the company vision and goals can be displayed prominently on the main page when employees log in to use self service. With other solutions, employees may be able to easily access company information within the system whenever they want. When the company vision, mission, and goals are regularly seen by employees, those ideas will be more likely to influence the way that they think, work, and interact with others.

2. Can Improve Transparency and Trust

HRIS can help to improve transparency throughout an organization by allowing employers to share things like hiring needs and payroll information with all of the employees at once. When this type of information is made common knowledge as opposed to being hidden, it can help to foster a culture of trust in which employees don’t feel the need to hide things from one another. This can help to create a friendly and more open company culture.

3. Encourages More Frequent Communication

Some HRIS solutions provide employees, managers, and HR staff with a secure and consistent way to communicate with one another at any time. When there is an avenue for open communication available at all times, employees may be more comfortable providing suggestions or voicing concerns to peers, managers, and HR professionals. The communication works both ways, and managers may also be able to provide more frequent feedback when uninhibited by time and space.

4. Makes Recognition and Rewards Easier

Employees tend to be more engaged and have a deeper appreciation for their company when they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts on a regular basis. HRIS makes it easier to recognize employees in front of peers using communication tools and sometimes even configurable dashboards. HRIS can also make it a snap for employers to communicate with employees regarding rewards, perks, and raises.

5. Streamlines Benefit Enrollment and Usage

Research has shown that offering benefits can help to improve company culture and employee satisfaction, but open enrollment can be a pain and PTO can be difficult to organize. HRIS can streamline open enrollment processes and make it easier for employees to use PTO. With most self-service portals, employees can request PTO from any mobile device and managers can approve it from any device.

Before attempting to change a company culture, it is important to first define the company culture that exists. Take a step back and note how employees interact and handle issues. If employees are constantly complaining, seem to have a lack of trust or appreciation for one another, or perform just the minimum, it may be time to look to your HRIS to assist you with making changes to the company culture.

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