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6 Ways HR Software Can Benefit Your Business

By: Dave Rietsema On: October 25, 2017
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For companies that have operated successfully without HR software, obtaining and implementing the software may seem an unnecessary burden. Nearly every business may benefit from HR software, however. The following are a few less than obvious ways that HR software may benefit your business, even if everything seems to be humming along without it.

Nurture the Human Element of HR

When manual tracking and documentation is the norm, the majority of HR labor hours are spent entering and updating employee personal information, working with time and attendance, issuing reviews, researching and reporting according to compliance requirements, and performing other repetitive tasks.

HR software automates many mundane HR tasks. This frees up HR hours, allowing HR professionals to focus on the human element of HR. Without so many burdens, HR professionals can work to resolve employee issues, create incentive programs, and otherwise reach out to employees in ways that enhance the company culture.

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Create More Stringent Hiring Practices

Hiring the right employees can make all of the difference to a business. Great employees push more dollars to the bottom line. Stringent hiring practices can help to weed out less than stellar candidates.

It’s possible to have stringent hiring practices without HR software, but the tech makes it easier. ATS functionality can be used for background checks, resume parsing, and screening that can help to raise hiring standards. All applicant information can be filed and found in one place, so notes about references, interviews, and qualifications can be viewed and compared with ease.

Improve Security of Sensitive Information

Information breaches can be costly for a business in many ways. Customers and employees may lose faith in the company’s ability to protect their information, so they may shy away from working with or for the company. Businesses will also have to resolve any issues that breaches cause and implement new systems to protect against future breaches.

HR software generally comes with encryption to protect against outside invasions and role access restrictions to safeguard against internal threats. This can prevent breaches and keep information even more secure than manual organization systems.

Boost Employee Performance and Engagement

Self service portals can work to foster communications, providing employees with feedback and a way to connect with peers and supervisors from mobile devices. Some HR software also comes with goal setting and tracking options. Using these features may help to boost employee performance and engagement, which will make it worth the time and money spent on obtaining and implementing the software.

Provide Actionable Insights

Analytics and reporting provide smart ways to use company data to make timely and future decisions. By reviewing previous years and months labor statistics, turnover information, and hiring data, your company may be able to improve HR operations. Improving HR operations can make your company a more attractive place to work, while also saving costs and boosting efficiency.

Minimize Compliance Risks

Complying with laws can preserve a company’s credibility and prevent costly penalties from being levied. HR software compiles information pertinent to regulations automatically and provides insights on how to file required reports. Most HR software is updated regularly, so HR professionals can stay up to date easily and manage compliance requirements effortlessly.

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