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ADP’s Workforce Now is a payroll and HR solution designed to fit the needs of midsized companies with between 50 and 999 employees.

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ADP Workforce Now Software Overview

ADP Workforce Now software is designed specifically to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses with a staff of between 50 and 999 employees. Workforce Now is an all-in-one payroll and HR solution that is scalable and can integrate with a business’ existing systems. Its cloud-based platform can simplify and streamline payroll, benefits, talent, workforce management, and HR management.

ADP Workforce Now also comes equipped with artificial intelligence that can identify key areas that need improvement. Insights are provided to managers and executives so that changes can be implemented quickly to help your company make the best possible strategic decisions.

Why People Are Choosing ADP Workforce Now

  • All-in-one, cloud-based solution designed specifically for mid-sized businesses.
  • Artificial intelligence for HR insights and strategic advice.
  • Automated tax filing and payroll for increased accuracy.
  • A single database for all benefits, HR, and time tracking data.
  • Automatic deductions and filing of federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Expert support for regulations and compliance.
  • Employee access to self-service portal via mobile app.
  • Integration with existing benefits, human resources, and payroll and tax management systems.
  • Support for compliance with local requirements and ordinances for laws, company policies, union regulations, scheduling, and more.
  • Customizable team dashboards.
  • Hassle-free onboarding, employee editing, and offboarding.
  • Talent management from recruitment through training and succession planning.
  • Simplified benefits management, including open enrollment and benefits management.

How Can ADP Workforce Now Help Your Company?

ADP Workforce Now can help your company automate and simplify HR processes from payroll and benefits administration to workforce, HR, and talent management. This all-in-one solution manages all functions of HR for mid-sized businesses, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing paperwork, preventing compliance errors, and improving productivity.

Streamline Payroll Processing

ADP Workforce Now makes payroll fast and simple through automation. No manual data entry is required. New hires can be added to the payroll directly from the applicant tracking pool. Tax deductions can be synced to payroll so that tax filing, both state and federal, are seamless and error-free. Workforce Now’s error detection can help prevent errors before they even happen.HR staff can view and manage employee payroll data from one unified dashboard. Pay history and data are located in one place for easy administration. Employees have a self-service portal to view their own timesheets, pay stubs, and more. The mobile app allows access from anywhere at any time.

Recruit Top Talent and Manage Your Workforce

Recruiting and managing talent for your company has never been easier. Workforce Now provides a custom career website and manages job postings, social media postings, videos, and more so that you can attract the right talent for your company. The resume sharing and automated reviews can help you streamline your candidate selection and screening process.Workforce management is streamlined with Workforce Now’s automated time keeping and scheduling, which can sync with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar. The software makes managing employee schedules and time easy by supporting automation for rules, alerts, calculating overtime, approving timecards, reporting exceptions, and more. Employees can also clock in, request shift trades, check their time off, and more directly from the Workforce Now mobile app.

Unify HR Management

HR is so much more than just an administrative function of your business. Human resources is an essential component to the running of any business and Workforce Now streamlines and automates key functions. HR staff can manage employees from the moment they’re hired, through any status changes or promotions they may receive, to offboarding.While there is an employee self-service portal, there is also a portal for managers that is accessible through the mobile app. All HR functionality is unified in one easily accessible location. Automated reports and preconfigured templates make HR processes simple and easy, saving HR staff valuable time.

Gain Valuable Insights

Another feature that sets ADP Workforce Now apart from the rest is the valuable insights provided by the artificial intelligence within the software. Workforce Now can pinpoint critical issues and areas for improvement within your business and provide timely alerts. Any issues that arise can be addressed quickly and easily before they worsen. Workforce Now also provides reports and analyzes them to look for patterns and trends. This valuable data can help inform your strategic decisions.
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See the software in action by requesting a free demo. Get accurate & detailed pricing information fast. We just need a few details about your organization:

Receive a free demo of ADP Software

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