Avoid These Common HRIS Demo Mistakes
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Avoid These Common HRIS Demo Mistakes

By: Dave Rietsema
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Demo days are very important in the HRIS selection process. It is at that point that the people that will be dealing with the product the most get introduced to the product(s) in a tangible way, really seeing the features and dashboards up close and personal and getting a feel for how the HRIS will be used on a daily basis after it is implemented. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can hamper the effectiveness of a demo day.

Allowing the Vendor to Control the Demo

Vendor representatives often want you to see the flashiest and most interesting bits of their product, while hiding the shortcomings so that you will ultimately choose their company. Allowing the vendor representative to completely control the demo may save you time from having to write up a demo script, but the demo will generally be less effective. You may also miss out on information about the HRIS that is crucial for your organization to know.

Writing up your own demo can be a difficult task, but it can help you to get everything you can from a demo. If you write up a static demo script that will be followed by all of the vendors that you are considering, it can be extremely helpful in showing you exactly what advantages and disadvantages each product has when compared to the others.

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Allowing Everyone in the Room

If all of the company employees are allowed into the room during the demo, it is highly likely that the discussion is going to be derailed at one point or another. The more employees in the room at the time of the demo, the less productive and effective the demo is likely to be.

The demo invitations should be exclusive, only employees that will be using the HRIS regularly should be allowed in the room. Anyone else with stake in the HRIS selection may be permitted to submit questions. Having a smaller audience will make it easier to cover all necessary ground during the demo.

Settling for a Short or Basic Demo

If you are seeing a demo for an entirely new product that you have never dealt with before, you should expect a thorough presentation that covers all of the points that you have outlined in your demo script. A brief walk-though or PowerPoint presentation is not going to be enough to truly let you see how the HRIS will work for your company. Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor to go into further detail, selecting a HRIS is a big decision that will cost a lot of money and have a huge impact on your organization.

Being Swept Off Your Feet by the Vendor Representative

Vendor representatives are often chosen for their charming personalities; they are good with people and know how to work a crowd. However, the product that they are selling may not be as dazzling as their PR smiles. When watching the presentation, be sure to keep in mind that you may never see this representative again and stick to your guns when asking questions about the software.