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The Best Way to Receive Free HR Software

By: Dave Rietsema On: February 18, 2019
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Navigating the world of HR software can be intimidating if your company hasn’t used it in the past. Even if you’re familiar with HR software and just looking to make a change that will save money or improve systems, the number of solutions available and the breadth of capabilities can be a lot to look at.

If your business is small or if you are looking to trim some fat from your monthly expenditures, it may be worth looking into free HR software. The list of available options is considerably smaller and it could help you to identify your best choice quickly. If you’re thinking about trying out free HR software, here are some of the best ways to go about it.

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Turn to a Vendor Matching Company

When you turn to a vendor matching company (like us!) you get the scoop on some of the best free HR software in the industry. Vendor matching professionals are very familiar with a range of software and can help match your needs to a free software solution that will work for your company. This could save you time while putting you in touch with some of your best free options.

Comparison Shop and Research

There are several sites that compare free HR software options, listing pros and cons, revealing different features, and talking about how the various selections work. These sites provide a wealth of information that you can use to make your own decision about which free HR software to select. You may also be able to get a feel for how much the software will cost if your business grows or if you decide to go with a paid version of the software in the future.

When comparison shopping, be sure to read reviews submitted by companies similar to yours. Reviews can be more telling of a solution’s possible issues than summaries of the software written by the vendors or vendor partners. Read reviews carefully and be mindful of the aspects of the reviews that may apply to your company if you were to implement the software.

Contact the Vendor Directly

If you’re confident in your decision to go with a certain vendor’s free HR software solution, you can receive the software by going directly to the company’s website or calling. It’s important to at least do some research and comparing first, but if you’re sure of your perfect software vendor, you don’t necessarily need to look to a middleman to validate your decision or field communications between you and the vendor.

Before committing to a specific vendor, find out what kind of support the vendor will offer through implementation and beyond. Free solutions still need to be implemented and issues can pop up, so make sure that you’re prepared to handle these things yourself if support is bare-bones. Even if the software that you’re selecting is free, be sure that you understand the software completely and roll it out in a way that will add value to your human resources systems.