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Today’s top HRIS software solutions look to big data more and more. Whether analyzing and customizing payroll processes and features, building forecast and predictive recruiting models or simply staying up to date with today’s top trends and best practices, these articles put HR analytics in the spotlight. Discover more or find your next data driven HR software solution today with a free price quote or demo.

HRIS and Turnover Reports

Turnover has the potential to be more detrimental to organizations now than at most other times throughout history. With unemployment at an all-time low and a smaller group of new…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: May 15, 2019

Workplace Fairness Insights Revealed by Your Reports

Most employers believe that their company is inherently fair. Many employees beg to differ, however, believing that there are favoritism, wage gaps, and other symptoms of unfairness abundant in their…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: January 10, 2019

Taking Care of Business: Putting Your HR Analytics to Work

HR analytics got a lot of hype when they became a popular feature for HRIS software a few years ago. After employers got used to having analytics as a standard…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 14, 2018

5 Ways HR Software Analytics Can Help Your Organization

HR software analytics have been around for a few years now, but it’s not always obvious how they can help you improve operations. Fortunately, most HRIS software comes with analytics,…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: September 5, 2018

Using HRIS for Goal Setting

When done properly, goal setting can help to increase productivity while simultaneously making employees feel more engaged. Human resources information systems (HRIS) can assist with goal setting in several ways,…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: April 9, 2018

HRIS and Artificial Intelligence

Interaction with Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is rapidly becoming a normal part of our daily activities. There are obvious examples like Siri and Alexa, programs that answer questions and perform…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: February 21, 2018

Is Your HRIS Pricing Scheme Right for You?

Selecting an HRIS with a decent price point is a balancing act. You want a system that is high quality enough to save you money in areas of your organization…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: December 16, 2016

HRIS Issues That May Be Undermining Your Productivity

When you acquire and implement an HRIS, you likely have dreams of the system enhancing your productivity. Thus, it can become very frustrating if the system begins to do the…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: October 27, 2016

How Can You Get the Most from Your HRIS Investment?

The acquisition of a HRIS is often met with much fanfare, but the actual degree to which the system benefits an organization depends largely on the way that the system…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: October 26, 2016

HRIS Customization Tips

Even the HRIS that fits your business the very best could fit just a little better with some customization. Customization can help to keep consistency in your brand and can…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: August 5, 2016
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