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Employee Relations

HRIS software solutions focused on employee relations including retention, conflict resolution, goal setting and benefit management, prove time and time again to be imperative in today’s modern workplace. Whether you’re identifying new processes in your current HR software, or looking for a new HRIS software vendor altogether, these articles are geared towards helping you identify those features closely aligned to employee relations. To learn more, discover the best HR software solution to meet your individual company’s needs.

5 Ways HRIS Can Improve Your Company Culture

Company culture is defined as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and managers interact with one another and handle transactions outside of the business. Company culture…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: July 12, 2016

Can HRIS Software Bring Your Team Together?

Companies are seeing more and more benefit from allowing employees to telecommute. Many companies are also expanding overseas and across the nation, opening up new locations and branching out in…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: July 11, 2016

Could HRIS Self-Service Reduce Scheduling Issues?

When time-off requests are submitted manually and employees have to retrieve their schedules from a piece of paper that is in the workplace, the potential for errors and conflicts is…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

Using HRIS for Employee Resignations

HRIS Can Help Make Employee Resignations Less Painful Employee resignations are an inevitable fact of life that every company must face sooner or later. Whether an employee was strong and…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

Using HRIS to Optimize Employee Performance Management

In order to optimize employee performance, it’s necessary to have systems in place to record specific employee goals and then measure each employee’s performance as it pertains to achieving those…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

Using HRIS for Employee Recognition

HRIS can make employee recognition incredibly easy for an organization. No longer is it necessary to shuffle through stacks of paperwork or perform complex calculations in order to figure out…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

Using HRIS for Remote Employee Management

The ability to work from a remote location has always been an appealing concept and the number of workers operating remotely has increased at a rapid pace in recent years.…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

Transforming HR Systems with Self-Service HRIS

Evolving corporate cultures require that HR systems evolve, too. While this may seem to be a no brainer, it has taken a long time for HR systems to evolve from…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

When DIY Goes Wrong: Complications with HRIS Self-Service Adoption

Self-service can be a wonderful thing, allowing your employees to fill in personal information that they are likely better off filling out. Self-service can allow employees to make selections about…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: June 2, 2016

5 Ways HRIS Can Make the Holidays Smoother

The holidays are a festive but hectic time no matter what industry you operate in. Even if the shopping rush doesn’t affect your business, the time off requests or holiday…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: December 15, 2015
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