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Small businesses require HR software solutions to fit a broad range of needs. Those businesses with fewer employees often need just as much support and access to HR software features that larger companies require. Finding the right software solution and vendor requires dedication and a holistic view of your company’s end HR goals. These articles cover a range of topics geared towards small businesses and startups focused on improving or identifying the right HR software solution. To learn more, get a free price quote or demo or check out the perfect HR vendor for your small business.

HR Software for Law Firms

Labor is the single largest expense for most law firms, the professionals are the heart of the practice. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 28, 2018

HR Software for Consultants

Consulting firms aren’t quite like any other business. More than most other industries, consulting firms rely on the brains and talents of their employees to make the business successful. Consultants…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted:

HR Software for Churches

Churches exist to bring peace and light to parishioners’ lives while honoring a higher power. The cause is noble, but the operation takes a lot of work and dedicated staff…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 27, 2018

HR Software for Dental Offices

Dental offices are generally small, with only a few workers that closely assist patients. Even in the case of large chains, each office employs only a few workers, each of…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 20, 2018

HR Software for Charities

Running a charity requires clear goals, commitment to a vision, and hard work. It also requires a lot of assistance from others. When your volunteers and staff are able to…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 19, 2018

How to Stay Within Budget When Implementing HR Software

Implementation is often seen as the annoying step between selecting an HR software solution and actually getting to use it. Trying to rush through implementation or underestimating certain aspects of…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: April 16, 2018

How Much Does HR Software Cost?

The short answer, the cost of human resources (HR) software will vary depending on your company’s exact needs and expected outcomes. There are some free platforms out there that work…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: February 20, 2018

6 Ways HR Software Can Benefit Your Business

For companies that have operated successfully without HR software, obtaining and implementing the software may seem an unnecessary burden. Nearly every business may benefit from HR software, however. The following…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: October 25, 2017

Payroll Software for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce businesses come in all shapes and sizes and can have varying levels of complexity. Since eCommerce businesses generally operate on a global level organically, even if they’re technically located…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: October 12, 2017

5 Ways to Tell That Your HR Software Is Wrong for Your Company

Selecting and implementing new HR software is an exciting time filled with hopes for a better company and better workdays for everyone that the system affects. After the shine wears…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: September 25, 2017
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