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Challenges to HRIS User Adoption

By: Dave Rietsema
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It is often the human element that derails HRIS projects the most. While there may be technical challenges to integrating the new software with existing systems and software, getting the employees, managers, and HR professionals on board and using the system as envisioned is usually the biggest challenge. Addressing the following points may help to streamline your HRIS adoption.

Employee Loyalty to Old Systems

Employees have gotten used to doing things one way, so even if the old way is incredibly inefficient some employees will likely be loath to give those systems up. For best results, enthusiastically promote the new system and talk about how it will make life easier. Do what it takes to get the employees excited about the new system’s capabilities so that they can’t wait to start using it.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Depending on the industry in which your company operates, your employees may have varying degrees of technical knowledge that make HRIS adoption either easier or more difficult. If your employees have to be trained on the basics of using software in general, it will delay your HRIS project and stunt user adoption. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should back out of getting a HRIS, it just means that you should be prepared for the extra time and effort that will be needed to get the system operational.

Need for One-on-One Training

While HRIS software is usually rolled out to groups of employees or the entire workplace, some employees may require one-on-one training. Failing to provide this training will disenfranchise those employees that truly need the extra attention in order to understand how to use the system as needed. To counter this issue, make sure to have at least one or two employees that are extremely well-versed in using the new system free and available to help employees on a one-on-one basis when the system is rolled out or after go-live.

Issues Using Software after Go-Live

If the system is all set up and employees are trained and ready to use it, it can be frustrating if issues occur that impact the transition. Issues can be technical and related to the system or related to the actual use of the system within the company, either way it may still discourage employees from using the system. While it may not be possible to work out every minor bug that may affect the transition to the new HRIS, you can make sure that there are people available with both technical and HR knowledge to fix any bugs quickly.

Inconsistencies between Locations

If your company operates in several different locations, making sure that all locations are on the same page with the new system can be tough. It may be helpful to ask the vendor for assistance in some aspects of implementation or roll-out to make sure that everyone is getting the same training and everyone is prepared for go-live. Utilizing some sort of video communication between locations may also help to ensure consistency, thereby preventing one impediment to user adoption.

By taking steps to address common challenges to user adoption before they even come up, you may ensure greater success for your HRIS project.

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