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Should You Consider Using Cloud-Based Payroll?

By: Dave Rietsema On: July 22, 2019
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Like the weather that it’s named for, the cloud is now in almost everything. It’s connected to computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. Many of the most commonly used apps and software programs are cloud-based. Some companies, such as Google, YouTube, Flickr, Microsoft, and Amazon, all offer cloud-based services.

Payroll processing can now be done through the cloud. But is using the cloud for payroll the best solution for your company?


The cloud has been around for almost twenty years. In that time, companies offering cloud-based HRIS and HRMS solutions have already addressed the security concerns of using the cloud. Vendors spend a lot of time and money on ensuring that their customers’ data is secure.

Off-Site Backup

If all of your payroll data is located on-site, it may not be secure from a natural disaster. Stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. HR professionals can process payroll even if the office is shut down. Data can also be recovered more easily.

Real-Time Updates

Cloud-based data is updated in real-time as changes are made. Employees can trust that the information they’re seeing is the latest and most accurate data. A cloud-based system also automates much of the data entry that payroll is based on, including employee time sheets and taxes. Payroll can be even more accurate by removing the possibility of human error in data entry.

Access Anywhere

Employees can access records and data from anywhere. The payroll data also isn’t just limited to HR and managers. All employees can access their own payroll records, view their time cards, request PTO, change their benefits during open enrollment, and more. This will relieve your HR staff of having to manage employee data and other administrative tasks.

The cloud also integrates well with mobile devices, so employees can access their information from their phones.

Paperless Payroll

Another advantage of cloud-based payroll is the ability to go paperless. Employees can access their payroll records through the cloud from anywhere, eliminating the need for paper payslips. Not only does this free your office from clutter, but it also reduces your company’s carbon footprint and saves money.

A cloud-based payroll system can automatically keep track of forms and remind employees to fill them out. Missed deadlines and lost paperwork can be reduced. In addition, employees can stay more organized because they have less physical paper to work with.

System Maintenance

An on-site system requires maintenance from your IT staff. A cloud-based payroll system would save your company those costs and free up your IT personnel for other tasks. Any support for a cloud-based system would be with the vendor, as there would be nothing on-site to manage.

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