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Eliminate Payroll Errors with HRIS

By: Dave Rietsema On: September 20, 2019
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Handling payroll is an important function of human resources. It’s also a very thankless task. No one notices payroll unless something is wrong, and then it’s stressful and time-consuming to address any errors that arise.

Even without errors, in-house payroll can take up a lot of HR’s time and efforts. Using a HRIS can free up time and ease stress by automating the process.

The Benefits of Automated Payroll

Manual entry risks input errors, even with the most conscientious and careful HR employees. There can also be errors with tax compliance, bonus calculations, and more. Paychecks can be delayed if HR is busy.

A HRIS can automate the payroll process, eliminating the risk of these kinds of errors.

Automatic Alerts

A HRIS will alert HR staff if there are any discrepancies. If someone inputs an incorrect dollar amount or number of hours, the system can send an alert. If something is different from previous paychecks, the system can send an alert.

This way, any input errors can be caught and corrected immediately.

Pay on Time

HRIS alerts aren’t just for when there’s an error or discrepancy. Paying your employees on time is essential to the running of your business. A HRIS can send out reminders when it’s time to do payroll. It can also help streamline and automate the direct deposit process, making timely payroll even easier.

Streamline Taxes

Calculating and filing taxes is tricky at the best of times. When you do business and have employees in multiple states, all with different tax rates, it can quickly turn into an HR nightmare. Using a HRIS can help your HR department stay on top of differences and changes in tax rates, which can vary by zip code as well as by state.

Accurate Employee Information

A HRIS will have an employee self-service portal that allows all employees to view and update their own information. They have access to the portal 24/7 from any computer so that they can make changes as they arise. Employees don’t have to wait until they’re in the office or until they can speak to HR.

Allowing employees to manage their own information results in more accurate and up-to-date information.

Eliminate Classification Errors

In organizations with many employees, it’s easy for misclassifications to occur. Contractors can be entered into the system as employees or vice versa. Employees can hire on, get entered into the system, but then never show up for the first day. These ghost employees, if not caught, could draw a paycheck without ever working a day.

Using a HRIS can help catch and eliminate errors and misclassifications such as these. There’s more visibility in both the system and reports so that it’s easier to see when an error has been made.

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