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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: Can Your HRIS Help You Find Answers?

By: Dave Rietsema On: August 27, 2018
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Employee engagement has come to the forefront of HR discussions as a key factor in reducing turnover, maximizing productivity, and increasing company prosperity. Unfortunately, engagement is difficult to measure as it means different things to different people. While there will never be one perfect way to assess or address employee engagement, HRIS can help you figure out what works best for evaluating employee engagement within your company.

Creating Meaningful Assessments

Many HRIS solutions provide a template for employee engagement surveys, but allow customization. Having this guideline can help to inspire ideas about which questions will provide insights into how employees directly relate and connect to the company’s missions and how invested they are in their own responsibilities and contributions. HRIS makes it easy to tailor surveys for greater effectiveness.

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Issuing Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys can generally be issued to all employees with just a few clicks. Employees can then access the surveys using self service portals through their own devices or on company equipment. This increases flexibility, as employees can fill out the survey at their convenience or at designated times as it works best with company structure and scheduling.

Eliciting Frequent Feedback

Since surveys are fast and easy to administer, HRIS can help employers to elicit more frequent feedback regarding engagement. Employees’ responses may vary based on current events, so survey results have a short shelf life and must be refreshed regularly. Annual and biannual surveys just don’t keep employers as up to date as is necessary.

Of course, employees will get burned out if they have to regularly answer a huge number of questions. Keep the survey very short and to the point, using only a few questions that have shown to best reveal employee engagement. Alternatively, administer the survey in a few sessions and compile the results.

Analyzing and Reporting Results

HRIS reporting features compile and report survey results so that conclusions can be drawn and employers can take action to improve areas where engagement is lacking. Engagement is generally broken down into components such as development, interpersonal connection, recognition, and rewards. If results show that many employees feel poorly about development opportunities within the company, for example, steps can be taken to improve the training programs.

Sharing Results and Action Plans with Employees

When results have been extracted and interpreted based on employee surveys, it can be helpful to share those results with employees. Seeing the same concerns and feelings echoed across the organization can boost employees’ sense of community and make them feel validated.

Addressing the results and rolling out an action plan to improve employee engagement lets employees know that their feedback is valued. HRIS can help to communicate results and plans through messaging features or social feeds.

HRIS isn’t a quick fix for employee engagement and administering surveys isn’t a surefire way to evaluate engagement. However, with continuous effort HRIS solutions can help employers take a proactive approach to assessing and improving engagement.

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