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How to Encourage Employees to Use Your HRIS for Training

By: Dave Rietsema On: August 27, 2019
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A HRIS isn’t just for payroll and benefits. It can also be a training module for your staff. The information needed to help your employees improve their knowledge and skills is in one place. The software can even track your employees’ progress. It’s important to make sure that you’re using the learning module of your HRIS properly in order to ensure its effectiveness.

Company Culture

If the company culture doesn’t foster learning, employees may not be engaged in training. No matter how many training resources are available, if employees are too worried about downsizing, they’ll be too focused on just getting their work done. Company culture can affect how employees see the value of training.

A company culture that is too focused on the short-term and just getting through the next project will affect employees’ ability to see the bigger picture. Before implementing a HRIS training module, make sure your company culture looks to the bigger picture. Focusing on longer-term goals company-wide will help employees see the long-term advantages of improving their own skillsets.

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Training Strategies

Before implementing a training module for your staff, it’s important to have a plan. Know who will need access to what materials. Decide which positions require which skills and knowledge. Then, you can provide training goals for each employee based on what their job requires.

Customized Training

It’s tempting to provide a generic library of training materials to all employees. But not all staff members have the same training needs. It’s important to make sure that the skills and knowledge your employees train in are beneficial to them and their jobs. If the training materials don’t meet their needs, employees may be overwhelmed with unnecessary information and less able to remember what most pertains to them.

Focusing on core skills that employees most need to know prevents you from wasting time and money on training.

On-the-Job Experience

After employees have completed the training materials in the HRIS, it’s important that they are given the opportunity to use those skills. Real-world experience will help them remember what they’ve learned. Your HRIS should be set up to track practice as part of the training module so employees can test their skills and receive credit for it.

Tracking and Rewarding Progress

It’s important that the training module of your HRIS isn’t isolated from the rest of the system. Employee training and achievements should be tracked and automatically noted in their file. If employees don’t see their progress or any acknowledgment of their efforts, they won’t be motivated to use the system.

Training should also be compensated. Employees shouldn’t be expected to train on their own time. Your HR department may have a special code for paid training days. The HRIS can integrate the training module with payroll to flag any training that is completed.

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