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How Going High-Tech Can Help Attract Top Talent

By: Dave Rietsema On: November 4, 2019
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A good first impression isn’t just necessary for employees. It’s a must for employers, too. If a company wants to attract top talent and hire its first choice of candidates, then it has to enhance its brand and present well.

A candidate’s first impression begins from the moment he or she first sees the job ad. Every moment from then leading up to the interview builds upon that impression. While many believe that it’s the candidate that needs to make a good impression and not the other way around, your company’s top choice candidates could decline a job offer and walk away if they don’t like what they see.

So what can companies do to impress top talent?

Use Your HRIS Wisely

HRIS and ATS solutions are increasingly paying attention to candidate experience. Solutions often include job listing creation and access to job boards on top of applicant tracking and hiring. Newer features for HR software solutions are candidate portals and dedicated career pages. Some are even offering video capabilities to provide alternatives to the traditional cover letter.

Top candidates look for technology use in a company. If you can demonstrate that your company keeps up with modern technology, that will make it more attractive to top talent.

Get in Touch Quickly

It’s essential to contact candidates quickly in order to retain their interest. If a candidate doesn’t hear from your company within a day, they feel that their resume or interview results have dropped into a digital black hole. This means that they give up on your company and don’t remain an active candidate, even if your company was actively considering hiring them.

HRIS solutions offer automated responses, which can handle some of the contact for you, but a personal response is needed to engage with your top candidates. But this doesn’t have to be a phone call. Companies can contact candidates through e-mail, text, or even social media. Your HRIS may already provide communications options that will help you reach your candidates as quickly as possible.

Go Mobile

People use mobile devices for practically everything now. Job searching is no exception. Almost 80% of candidates have searched for jobs on their phones. It’s important that your company is easily accessible on mobile devices. Having a social media presence can provide candidates with a lot of what they want to know about your company via apps they’ll already have. Plus, social media can be used for quick communication.

Make the Application Process Stress-Free

A lot of job-seekers get frustrated with applying for jobs online because they feel like they’re constantly filling out fields that ask for the same information that’s already on their resume or cover letter. Fortunately, modern HRIS solutions allow for more customization. Companies can help both themselves and candidates narrow down the hiring process so that no one is wasting their time on what turns out to not be a good match.

Simplifying the application process and tailoring the questions to exactly what the open position needs will help both companies and prospective employees. Plus, using software to make the process more efficient instead of needlessly complicating it will have a positive impact on your company’s brand.

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