Here's Why Your Company Needs a Mobile HRIS
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Here’s Why Your Company Needs a Mobile HRIS

By: Dave Rietsema On: August 15, 2014
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Mobile capabilities for a human resources information system or HRIS are no longer a new and unknown technology that companies hesitate to adopt. Mobile HRIS allows users to access company files even when they are out of office. Nowadays, the companies that have not yet adopted the technology are considered to be behind, and here are the reasons why your company should not take it for granted.

Eliminating Restrictions of Geographical Locations

Companies usually create HR processes that must be submitted and approved within a short time frame. On the other hand, both managers and employees tend to travel frequently as companies expand. They may either travel between different company offices or even work from home, which means they will not find the time to operate company computers in their offices at some critical times. Mobile HRIS makes them accessible despite their physical locations.

Many mobile HRIS systems allow managers to contact particular employees directly via their respective profile pages by either calling or sending them text messages. A profile pages typically contains such details as the employee’s name, picture, department information, position, skills and contact information.

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Simple Interfaces and Transactions

Mobile providers currently integrate mobile HRIS in their products, making it easy to access pages and processes. The processes of entering text and making approval have been simplified, which means employees and managers will not struggle with a steep learning curve.

Enhancing System Visibility

In the traditional system, people had to deal with many paper forms and cumbersome reports that required a lot of time to process. On the other hand, mobile HRIS allows employees and managers to get necessary data in real time and make better-informed decisions faster. Increased data value and awareness also improve the integrity of data.

Systems and Departments Use Mobile Access

If a company has implemented mobile systems in some departments but not HR, this inconsistency ought to be addressed to ensure employees are thoroughly empowered and enabled. For example, a warehouse manager may be in a position to access the latest inventory levels on the go while the same manager cannot request for vacation in the same way.

Keeping employees happy helps to make them more productive, and mobile HRIS provides appropriate tools to achieve this. Employees with mobile access to HRIS will not have to wait for office hours to plan their holidays or take care of problems. This means they will have more time to focus on their work during office hours.

Increasing Productivity

If a manager is in a meeting and requires headcount numbers quickly, mobile HRIS makes the process easier and faster than switching on a laptop. The manager can also use the technology to perform some routine tasks before a scheduled meeting commences.

Another benefit of mobile HRIS that boosts productivity is the reduction or elimination of downtime.

Organizations must keep improving their systems and processes to stay current with increasing market demands. Businesses must change to remain competitive, and implementing mobile HRIS is an effective way of staying ahead of the competition.

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