How to Facilitate Participation with HRIS Training Tools
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Bringing the Horse to Water: How to Facilitate Participation with HRIS Training Tools

By: Dave Rietsema On: July 27, 2015
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As the old saying goes, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The same goes with HRIS self-service employee features, particularly learning and development features. While you can offer the best learning and development tools known to man through your HRIS, it is up to your employees to actually use the tools in order for you to see the gains.

Many employers are extremely excited about newly implemented training systems but are quickly turned off to the software when they don’t immediately see gains. In most cases, the employer automatically blames the software, but the software is generally not the problem. The following tips can help your company to facilitate employee participation with HRIS learning and development tools.

Talk It Up

After learning and development modules have been adopted and implemented, employees must be told about the new features. The communication should not be a one-time deal; employees should hear about the new option and see it everywhere they go at first so that it is on their minds and in their faces when they actually have the time and opportunity to use it. Employers’ enthusiasm will help to fan the flames of employee enthusiasm.

Get Employees to “Buy In”

As with any newly introduced concepts, employees will be looking to find out what’s in it for them if they use the new learning and development tools. While gaining new knowledge is always nice, it may not be enough to encourage employees to reconfigure their already busy schedules in order to fit training exercises in. Informing employees of the new promotion opportunities that will be available to them may go a long way towards encouraging employees to utilize the new solutions.

Make It Accessible

In order for learning and development tools to be most effective, employees should be able to access the tools at their convenience. If employees are only able to access the portal when they are at work or on a certain device, it will severely limit the adoption potential of the system. Being able to access the training modules from their mobile devices or home computers on their own time will allow employees to learn at their own pace when they are ready to.

Capture Employees’ Attention

Simple color contrasts that draw employees’ attention to learning modules can make all the difference when it comes to user adoption. Employees are much more likely to click on the training module if it stands out from the rest of the information that is offered on the system. Integrating the call to action for training modules into relevant areas like performance feedback may also improve adoption rates.

Provide Incentives

Instituting incentives for completing training modules may add a competitive and fun element to participating in training. Incentives do not necessarily have to be monetary, they can be as simple as allowing an employee to leave early on a Friday or forego certain menial tasks that are normally required. The criteria for earning incentives should be clear and deadline driven, so that you can easily see how they affect user adoption of the new tools.

Adding learning and development options to your HRIS toolkit can help to spur productivity, engagement, and motivation, but it must be introduced in a way that makes employees excited to use it.

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