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How to Find the Best Quotes on Payroll Software for Your Business

By: Dave Rietsema
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Payroll software can help both new and established businesses to improve the way that payroll is done. Whether you’re just getting started, have been doing payroll by hand, or are tired of a legacy system, you will likely want to find your best quotes on payroll software as a preliminary step towards acquiring it. The following are a few tips to follow to find your perfect payroll quote and ideally your perfect payroll software.

Figure Out What You Spend Now

No matter how you’re doing payroll, you’re spending money on it. Even if you own your business and are doing all of the tracking and calculations by hand, you’re putting valuable time that could be spent growing the business towards payroll instead. Calculate expenses or ascribe a time value to the labor hours being put towards payroll and use that as a starting point for your payroll quotes and budget.

Browse Top Rated Payroll Software

Browse some of the top rated payroll software vendor sites or use sites that compare payroll vendors side by side with features and functionality listed to get an idea what’s available to you. Some vendors may have standardized payroll quotes listed or may offer services for a flat rate, so it can help you to get a rough idea of your price point.

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Don’t Overlook the Underdogs

After reviewing top rated payroll software vendors, look at some up and coming payroll vendors. You may find that you have the potential to enjoy the same functionality as software offered by more well-known vendors at a lower cost. You may also appreciate a certain style or services offered that you would have overlooked if you stuck to only the big brands.

Get Personalized Quotes for Your Shortlist

After you’ve looked at a lot of payroll vendors and have narrowed your selection down to a shortlist, get personalized quotes. Some sites have online tools and all vendors will offer quotes over the phone. Work with the vendors to make sure that the quote you’re getting is for everything you want, not just basic functionality.

Consider Vendor Matching Services

Vendor matching services can save you time and effort while helping to ensure that you get the most accurate payroll quotes. Matching services experts review your needs, budget, and the specific details of your company and then use that information to match you with the vendors that are most likely to fulfill your requirements. No matter where you are in your buying journey when you contact vendor matching services, they will be able to provide you with assistance and relevant information.

Payroll software quotes can have a big impact on your eventual purchasing decisions, so it’s important to take steps to find the best payroll quotes. By first figuring out what you need and then figuring out which vendors can best fit those needs, you save yourself the hassle of reviewing quotes from vendors that won’t make your shortlist. Speaking with experts can give you an additional advantage in finding the best vendors and most accurate payroll quotes.