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Can HR Go Paperless?

By: Dave Rietsema
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HR software solutions today have made it possible for businesses large and small to build efficiencies in their Human Resources offerings. Going paperless is now easier than ever as employees in or out of the office and business owners alike continue to look for innovation and drive change.

Building Out Your Human Resources Digital Capabilities

While the idea of “going paperless” can seem daunting for some, a few key points should be noted. The topics listed below offer additional insight as to why a paperless HR department for your business may be the right solution for your specific needs.

1. Improved Technology and Security
2. Catering to the Evolved “Office”
3. Paper and the Stigma Around Legality
4. Adopt a Paperless Culture

Improved Technology and Security

The days of file cabinets full of documents and signatures are over.

As businesses turn digital and begin utilizing cloud computing technology, data storage and recovery allows you to access your documents all hours of the day. In addition, where reams of paper were historically required for contracts or other legally binding documents, today’s HR solutions allow employees to download and digitally sign their paperwork across a multitude of devices.

Combined with increased data security and privacy measures being accounted for, business owners and employees can feel confident in knowing that personal information is safe. For anyone looking at taking their HR department paperless, security should be a forefront in feature benefits for any solution.

Catering to the Evolved “Office”

Paper only documents make legally binding signatures difficult for those who work outside of the normal office. A Gallup poll conducted in February of 2017 found that “43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely.

For business owners looking to cater to these remote employees, a paperless HR solution is a must have. Today’s software solutions can include anything from digital time-entry, time off and absence reporting, to resolution dispute and contractual document hosting requiring signatures.

Even for industries that do not see a lot of remote work being done, having the ability to login, check statuses, or do any other type of rudimentary task from a remote location saves time and valuable resources on behalf of both the company and the employee. Paperless HR solutions today make this a priority, especially those featuring mobile access and user interfaces.

Paper and the Stigma around Legality

What about contractually binding signatures? Your “John Hancock,” has always signified your personal stamp of approval or obligation. Replicating that digitally may seem fuzzy, but under today’s laws, digital signatures are just as binding.

Numerous resources out there today including DocuSign’s resource page on US electronic signature laws and history offer insightful information as to why and how digital signatures and eSigned documents are helping to reduce paper usage across businesses today. Today, with just a few quick button clicks or screen taps, employees can sign work documents and job applicants can sign their employment offers.

Educate and Adopt a Paperless Culture

One of the main key benefits to taking your HR paperless is simply the fact that you will be reducing overall waste while saving time and money. Paper reams may not be the most expensive commodity your business is using, but it may be the most easily upgraded.

From the position of a human resources professional working across multiple departments and catering to a number of different processes and workflows, a dynamic structure without paper reduces headaches and allows your business’ employees to do what they do best.

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Taking HR Paperless

For today’s business owners, looking at a paperless HR software solution makes a lot of sense. Paperless HR software caters to your employees’ needs. With the improvements in technology and overall data security, the solutions out there today are incredibly powerful tools for most businesses’ needs. While the stigma around paper may be hard to get around, observing and seeing the direct benefits of taking your application completely digital may be inspiring.

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