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HRIS and the cloud

Understanding HRIS and the Cloud

By: Dave Rietsema
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Business is moving very fast these days, especially with young professionals that have never known a world that wasn’t internet-driven being introduced into the workforce. With all of the changes that are occurring across the nation and around the world in terms of globalization and the increasing use of technology in all areas, companies are looking to HRIS solutions that are adaptable, flexible, and available on the go.

Most HRIS solutions today are already cloud-based, but business executives and managers may not even know it. For those companies whose HRIS solutions are not yet cloud-based, changes may likely be right on the horizon.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is an obscure term that is widely used but less widely understood. Any HRIS solution that is using online data or social media is already on the cloud. The cloud is a network of servers, some of which run applications and provide online service and others which store data.

Cloud-based HRIS is also sometimes referred to as SaaS or Software-as-a-service. The alternative to cloud-based HRIS is on-premise HRIS which is strictly in-house.

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Benefits of Operating Within the Cloud

Cloud-based HRIS allow companies to save money in several areas, while also saving space and time. Instead of having to purchase hardware and software, then download software and store the disks and information, everything is completely based online. There are no worries about info loss, depreciating hardware values, overhead costs, or trying to fit bulky new equipment into the office.

On Demand Solutions

HRIS that operate on the cloud are easy to make changes to when the company needs to scale down or add system features. Updates are instantaneous or at the speed of a click. There is to need to physically go anywhere to make purchases and most support can be done remotely.

Mobility and Efficiency

With cloud-based HRIS, it is easy to integrate self-service for managers and employees. This allows employee information and any other human resources information to be accessed anytime from any device that has internet capability. This allows greater mobility within the company while empowering employees and providing them easy access to their own information.

Is the Cloud Secure?

With the vast amount of highly sensitive personal data that is stored within HRIS, it is understandable that security is a major concern for companies that are just switching over to cloud-based HRIS. While there are security concerns with any system that can be accessed remotely through the internet, HRIS vendors take precautions to encrypt the data for cloud storage service users.

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is something that makes sense for many companies. Cloud-based HRIS are generally easier to implement than on-premise solutions and can help most companies move forward faster. Onsite expenses for IT are greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

Shift in Fees

When companies shift to cloud-based HRIS, it is important to remember that the fees will be recurring and monthly, instead of one-time and fixed. While this is beneficial in many ways, as it covers continuous support and updates, it has the negative effect of adding a recurring bill to the list that will most likely be there to stay.

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