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Why Hire a HRIS Consultant?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Companies generally invest in a HRIS in order to improve efficiency and productivity within the organization. Since most of the people working with the system are not experts, however, it is difficult to know if a company is getting the most out of their HRIS. HRIS consultants can evaluate how HRIS is being used and give companies tips on how to improve processes to maximize the system’s usefulness.

Expert in the Field

Unlike company employees, a HRIS consultant is an expert in the HRIS field and may know about ways to improve processes that would never have occurred to managers or HR professionals. A HRIS consultant can bring forth new ideas or spot simple ways to tweak old systems in order to improve processes.

Unbiased Review of Systems

A HRIS consultant has no stake in processes or systems that are being used, so they can more readily spot areas that could be improved. When employees and managers have been a part of creating or implementing systems, they may be less willing to scrap those systems. A HRIS consultant can offer a fresher and less biased perspective.

Possible Cost and Time Savings

Hiring a HRIS consultant can help companies to avoid the pitfalls of attempting system changes that turn out to be fruitless. A HRIS consultant has experience with making system changes and has seen other companies make changes that work. While every company is different, a HRIS consultant’s advice is more likely to work out the first time than a plan that has never been attempted before.

Enhanced Training

When changes are made to HRIS processes at the request of a HRIS consultant, the consultant can be an invaluable training resource. The HRIS consultant is in a unique position to thoroughly understand the organizational needs and how to move the organization from the currently used systems to the revised systems. Assisting with training may be bundled in with the other costs of consulting or may warrant additional fees, so organizations should clarify this when hiring a consultant.

Improved Efficiency in Implementation

In addition to helping with training itself, HRIS consultants can help to make the rest of the implementation process as smooth as possible. HRIS consultants know the best ways to prioritize steps and plan rollouts for maximum effectiveness with minimal time spent. This can be valuable whether HRIS is being newly implemented or processes are being altered.

Impartial Vendor Evaluation

When a company is just acquiring a HRIS or is looking to change systems, HRIS consultants can provide impartial insights into the advantages of choosing one vendor or system over another. Vendors are obviously going to try to convince companies to purchase or stay with their software. HRIS consultants are experienced with many different vendors and can help give a more accurate evaluation of which system will be the best fit for the company.

Contract Negotiation Insights

A HRIS consultant has a better understanding of standard pricing for HRIS contracts than most managers and human resources professionals. This can put companies in a better position to negotiate contracts, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

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