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HRIS Customization Tips

By: Dave Rietsema
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Even the HRIS that fits your business the very best could fit just a little better with some customization. Customization can help to keep consistency in your brand and can foster engagement under the right circumstances. Even if you feel that the HRIS software that you have selected works pretty well as is, taking the extra time to do some customization could make it just a bit better.

Make It Reflect Your Company

Changing the color scheme, adding logos, and otherwise making the HRIS dashboards look consistent with your brand persona will help employees feel more at home when using the software. While these changes may seem menial and cosmetic at first, they can actually make a big difference in how employees feel about the system – which can boost user engagement.

Make Reporting Work for You

Standardized reporting can help with compliance, but customized reporting can help with issues impacting the bottom line and can help managers to make real time decisions. Taking the time to figure out how to assess progress made towards goals using specific reporting and how to alert managers to situations that can potentially impact revenues so that actions can be taken may directly affect productivity and the bottom line. Making different reports available to different employee levels may help with relevancy.

Tailor Dashboards to Access Levels

An important part of HRIS security is creating access levels based on job needs. To make these restrictions and allowances work best for the employees that are using them, it helps to take out irrelevant options. Having only the features and functions available to each job level visible on the screen can make the system less confusing and more fun to use, which may boost user adoption.

Adapt HR Processes to Fit Your Needs

HRIS often comes with standard workflows and other features, but it may be possible to alter these as needed to make sure they line up with the way you do things. Evaluate your processes before you spend time trying to change the way the HRIS works, as you may find that this is a good time to make changes to processes. Figure out what processes will work best towards growing your company and increasing revenues, then customize your HRIS to reflect the most efficient possible processes.

Talk to Users about Customization

The employees and managers that will be using the HRIS and the IT professionals that will be providing support can provide valuable insight when it comes to figuring out what to customize. This could be a discussion that takes place during the initial roll-out for the HRIS or individuals from each department could be interviewed for thoughts. Ideas should be written down and reviewed during the customization process.

Don’t Go Overboard

The farther away from stock features that you get with your HRIS, the more difficult it may become to update the software and rely on support when these things are needed. While some customizing can make the workplace run smoother, too much customizing can backfire when it is time to update the software or if any errors or issues occur. Keeping it simple and clean, but tailoring it to suit your purposes is better than spending hours changing every little thing.

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