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Could Your HRIS Help Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment?

By: Dave Rietsema On: August 9, 2018
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The prevalence of sexual harassment claims in the news lately is making it very clear that the problem is widespread. While most of the claims making headlines have been brought forth against celebrities and people in high-power positions, sexual harassment takes many forms and can be instigated by individuals in any position in any industry. Fortunately, there are a few ways that HRIS software can help employers combat workplace sexual harassment.

Make Information about Sexual Harassment Policies Accessible

The first step to combating sexual harassment is letting employees know what constitutes harassment and what to do if it happens. Creating an information library within the HRIS that can be referenced can help keep employees informed about company-specific sexual harassment policies. HRIS makes it easy to update these policies so that employees always have access to the most current information.

Employees should be informed of exactly what will happen if a report is filed. Investigation steps, disciplinary actions for perpetrators, and support for victims should be outlined within the information library.

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Provide Avenues for Sexual Harassment Reporting

HRIS can be used to provide different avenues for sexual harassment reporting. An alert line number can be listed for employees that are more comfortable using the telephone to report harassment. Messaging options can also be made available through the HRIS.

Some HRIS vendors are now offering a chatbot that will message with employees filing harassment claims. In some cases, employees feel more comfortable messaging with a chatbot because there is no potential for judgment or bias. A chatbot feature may also improve anonymity.

Collect All Information Regarding Harassment

HRIS can be used to store and track all documentation pertaining to a harassment claim, creating a paper trail. Notes can be added as investigations are conducted. Disciplinary actions taken against those found guilty of harassment can be documented, as well.

Using HRIS to collect documentation can help companies to protect themselves in the case of lawsuits.

Organize Sexual Harassment Training Sessions

Even if information is provided through HRIS libraries and tools are available for employees to report harassment, employees may still shy away from reporting and fail to read sexual harassment policies. It’s important to conduct training sessions to make sure that all employees understand the company’s stance on sexual harassment and have a clear idea of what to do if it happens.

HRIS can be used to organize training sessions and inform employees of available classes. HRIS features can also be used to track attendance to the classes.

Gauge Feelings on Sexual Harassment Policy Effectiveness

Surveys distributed through HRIS provide employees with a way to express their feelings regarding a company’s sexual harassment policy and the effectiveness of strategies to stop workplace harassment. Regularly distributing surveys can help a company to improve the way that sexual harassment is handled and better meet employees’ needs.

There are many ways that sexual harassment can be addressed and mitigated by employers. Using HRIS to assist with prevention and handling of sexual harassment claims is simply a smart way to use available tools.