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Why Your HRIS Should Include Self-Service

By: Dave Rietsema On: October 11, 2019
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A common feature of HRIS and HRMS solutions is a self-service portal. It’s a part of the software that all of your employees have access to, not just HR professionals. Employees can access their payroll, schedules,  and benefits information, make updates to their own details, and more. But why is this such an important part of your HRIS?

Reduced HR Workload

A huge advantage of making some HR processes self-service is that it reduces the workload of your HR staff. HR departments are notoriously busy, so anything that employees can do for themselves instead helps a lot. Self-service portals allow employees to view their own schedules, check payroll, clock in and out, adjust timesheets, update benefits, change their personal information, and more.

Without an HRIS, all of this would require employees to ask your HR staff. These are day-to-day tasks that would quickly eat up a lot of HR time, especially with a lot of employees. This will free up a lot of time for your HR staff to manage the bigger picture and more important tasks.

Accessible Anywhere at Any Time

Another benefit of a self-service portal is that it’s typically cloud-based. Employees can access the portal from anywhere, whether that’s from home, on a mobile device, or in another office building. No one has to wait until they’re next in the main office to log into the self-service portal.

In addition, your employees can access their information at any time. They don’t have to wait for work hours or for a member of your HR staff to be available. Employees can get their questions answered or update their information as soon as they need to.

Improved Employee Engagement

Having direct access to and more control over their information improves employee satisfaction and engagement. They can also see information about opportunities for training and advancement, which will give them more control over their own careers. More engaged employees tend to be more loyal to their company as well as more productive. Many may seek out opportunities to improve themselves and their skills, making them more valuable employees and helping to reduce employee turnover.

Database of HR Documents

Self-service portals also have access to a cloud-based database of all HR-related documents. These can include training materials, HR policies, and more. Employees can access these from anywhere at any time whenever they need them. If an employee is out of the office but needs more information about company travel policies and reimbursement, they can access that without involving HR.

The available benefits options can also be included in the database so that employees can examine different benefits plans long before open enrollment occurs.

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