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Can HRIS Software Bring Your Team Together?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Companies are seeing more and more benefit from allowing employees to telecommute. Many companies are also expanding overseas and across the nation, opening up new locations and branching out in the newly budding economy. While great strides are being made because of these flexible options, the spatial distance can sometimes make employees feel isolated and disengaged.

The right HRIS can ease these woes, offering employees the option to team up or communicate in a secure and controlled online environment. This can help your employees come together as a more unified team, allowing higher achievements, greater accomplishments, and increased contentment. However, employee collaboration will not happen on its own, employers must take steps to make communication easy, make the features accessible, and motivate employees to use the tools available.

Make Sure Communication Features are Included

Not all HRIS come with communication and collaboration options, so it is important to look for these options when searching for a new HRIS solution. Some HRIS solutions will have communication options as an add-on feature at an additional cost, while others will have these features as part of standard service. Most HRIS will have an emailing program, but some may offer messaging services such as “Chatter” that will allow instant messaging or will allow employees to make changes within files or programs for collaborative projects.

Check the Usability of Communication Features

When taking advantage of a free trial for an HRIS solution or thinking about adding a communication feature to existing solutions, have a few employees or managers test out the communication options. If there is an option to collaborate within a program or file, assign a test project that will require several different functions to be used within the program. If the collaborative options prove difficult to use, they will not benefit your employees after implementation.

Provide Incentives or Motivation to Use Messaging

After you have decided to use communication options through HRIS, it is time to get the employees on board. Employees are likely to see messaging as something that will add additional work, so they are not likely to use it unless they have a reason to. Either assign employees collaborative projects such as team building exercises to facilitate use of the programs or provide incentives for those that try it out.

Check User Adoption and Results

It may be possible to track how often communication tools are used in the HRIS as part of the reporting options. If this is not possible, you can always hand out surveys about how often the new features are used.

In either case, the user adoption rate should be compared with productivity, turnover, and other key statistics on a regular basis to see if the communication options are having an impact. Employees should be encouraged to provide feedback about the communication options.

Make Changes If Needed

The results and feedback from the user adoption surveys or reports should be used to determine what is working and what isn’t. If employees don’t like the tools and they don’t seem to be helping productivity, you may wish to scrap the idea or go with a different option. If it is working, the surveys and reports may help you to fine tune the programs for optimal efficiency and user friendliness.

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