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What is HRIS Software?

By: Dave Rietsema
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HRIS software is a type of software that allows organizations to handle many human resources functions electronically. “HRIS” stands for Human Resources Information System and that’s exactly what the software is at its core, a platform that collects and stores information related to the employees or “human resources” within an organization.

In addition to passively collecting and storing information, HRIS software has evolved to assist with many HR activities such as time and attendance tracking, succession planning, and recruiting. This can improve efficiency and save labor hours, among other advantages.

HRIS is a valuable tool that is being utilized by many of the top ranking companies across every industry to improve operations starting at the heart of the organization.

HRIS Functionality and Modules

Functionality and modules that are offered with HRIS software often include:

  • Database of employee profiles that includes information like names, addresses, salaries, and performance appraisal history
  • Employee portals that allow employees to manage their information, request time off, view payroll history, and sometimes communicate with peers
  • Benefits management options that allow employees to view information about available benefits, select desired options, and make changes as needed
  • Time and attendance tracking options that log employee hours
  • Payroll functionality that uses time tracking to accurately calculate and disperse pay and taxes
  • Recruitment options that assist with sourcing candidates, screening applicants, onboarding, and training new employees
  • Succession planning resources that help with tracking employee training and promotions
  • Social media feeds that relay important company information and updates
  • Analytics and reporting that can be used to view historical information, real-time data, and even make predictions for the future

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Benefits of HRIS

HRIS allows many HR tasks to be handled electronically, even automatically in some cases, which can save labor hours. These saved hours may drive dollars to the bottom line or be repurposed for tasks that require a more hands-on approach, making better use of HR professionals’ time and training.

Implementing an HRIS where paper systems once reigned can save paper, ink, and other supplies while increasing organization. This can prevent the hassles that come with lost paperwork and save employees and managers from having to fill in information more than once.

Employee portals allow employees to review and manage information, reducing the need for employees to contact HR personnel for these simple activities. This can improve employee contentment by increasing feelings of empowerment and reducing frustrations.

Social media feeds can improve team collaboration and feelings of unity while dispersing information to the entire workforce quickly.

Time and attendance, payroll modules, and employee databases can improve accuracy over manual systems, potentially preventing penalties and employee discontent.

HRIS Selection Considerations

Every workplace is different and there are a multitude of different HRIS options available, which can complicate the search for your perfect solution. When researching HRIS options, consider the size of your workplace and your projected future growth. Make sure that your top picks can be integrated with any existing software or can take over existing functions if you prefer a single point solution.

Find Your HRIS

If you are ready to find an HRIS, we can help in a few different ways. If you prefer to research your options on your own, we provide a comprehensive database that outlines offerings from many of the top HRIS vendors. Use our vendor match tool if you would rather have our experts do the research for you and recommend solutions that they feel fit your company well.

If you would like to learn more about HRIS software before researching specific options, we also offer a wealth of information in the form of articles and blogs. We wish you luck in your search and hope you will turn to us if you need any assistance!