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Using HRIS for Employee Scheduling

By: Dave Rietsema
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Should You Use HRIS for Employee Scheduling?

If your company operates on a 9-5 schedule and is closed for the weekend, you may not see a benefit from using HRIS for scheduling. However, if your company operates over a longer period of time, contains multiple departments or areas that operate on different schedules, or has a differing degree of complexity with scheduling, HRIS software may help to make scheduling easier.

Using HRIS for scheduling can be of particular benefit to workplaces in industries such as retail, medical, food service, and hospitality where shifts may vary widely.

Provides Labor Management Tools

Labor is the number one expense for most companies, so it is important to manage labor in the most efficient way possible. HRIS can synchronize scheduling with sales and productivity forecasts to help manage labor as you schedule, rather than when it’s too late. This can help you to optimize scheduling on a minute to minute basis so that your company is making the best use of every labor dollar spent.

Alerts You to Uncovered Shifts

It is easy to make mistakes when using a pen and paper or spreadsheet to work up a schedule. HRIS can be configured to alert you to uncovered shifts or shifts where more coverage is needed based on forecasts. This can divert potential disasters and help you avoid ever being short staffed.

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Makes Scheduling Communication Instantaneous

It is not an exaggeration to say that employees base their lives around their work schedules. Having scheduling information in advance regularly can quickly and dramatically increase employee contentment.

However, having to communicate with each individual employee as they move through varying shifts to relay schedules can be disruptive to work and difficult. Communicating schedules instantly through HRIS can help to reduce headaches and scheduling mishaps.

Provides a Template

HRIS usually provide scheduling templates and may even make it a snap to copy over the schedule from the previous week or month and make changes to accommodate current business needs. This can save time from penciling in shifts that will stay the same. Templates can also help you to easily utilize feedback from previous scheduling issues to improve future shifts.

Can Increase Employee Contentment

In addition to increasing contentment because of the ease of looking up the schedule online, HRIS may help to increase employee contentment in other ways. Depending on the available features, employees may be able to submit feedback regarding preferences in regards to scheduling. Knowing which employees prefer the late shifts, which prefer the early morning shifts, and which employees would like to pick up available additional shifts can simultaneously make scheduling easier and make employees happier.

Allows You to Strategically Gear Scheduling

When scheduling is made easy, it is possible to focus on scheduling strategically so that employees can be cross trained through various departments or otherwise receive instruction that helps them to grow within the organization. HRIS can help you to identify times when it may be possible to assign certain employees training tasks or simply take employees aside and teach them new skills. This can help your company to increase the value of labor hours and invest in employees without breaking the bank.

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