Is Gamification Right for Your Company?

Is Gamification Right for Your Company?

By: Dave Rietsema On: October 7, 2015
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Some praise gamification as a great way to increase productivity, connect to customers, and streamline work processes and goals. Others criticize gamification as an overhyped fad that can’t possibly improve business outcomes. In truth, gamification can be beneficial for some organizations, but it is not right for every company.

Why Do You Want to Gamify?

If you are thinking about gamifying your HR systems, it is important to consider what you hope to gain from the transition. No matter what is going on in your organization, gamifying is not going to be a quick fix solution for major problems. Listing what you hope to gain from gamifying your HRIS and then doing research to find out how realistic those expectations are is a good first step.

Are Your Business Goals Competitive in Nature?

Gamification works best if the organization has goals that are easy to translate to a scoring system, especially if those goals can then be used to introduce competition. Business goals like sales and customer satisfaction scores are easy to translate to a point scoring system and when revealed across the organization can be used to encourage friendly competition between employees. Making these competitions accessible through self service employee portals can also increase user adoption rates.

Is It Possible to Work with Existing Software?

When considering gamifying, cost should be a major consideration. In some cases, it may be possible to slightly alter HR software that you are already using in order to switch to a gamified approach. In other cases, it may be possible to integrate new software that will help with gamification with software that is already being used for certain HR processes like recruiting and information storing in order to gamify without acquiring a whole new system.

If it is not possible to work with existing software, you may still wish to gamify if you are already planning on purchasing new HR software. If you have already have a system in place that helps to automate your HR processes and the system is working, there is really no need to reinvent the wheel just to jump on the gamification bandwagon.

Will Gamifying Truly Benefit You?

Another serious consideration is how much gamification will really benefit your organization. The goals that are being gamified should be integral to real success at your organization. If employees can score points and “win” without the goal that has been achieved having any tangible impact on your organization, gamification is a waste of resources.

Do you Expect High Participation Rates?

If the company culture is such that there is a question about whether employees will really use it, it is probably not necessary to gamify. Gamifying may help to increase productivity in companies where employees are competitive and where productivity gains are needed. If employees are already too busy making sales or otherwise making meaningful contributions to the organization to work with the platform, or are primarily non-competitive personalities, adding a gamified approach to processes may be a lost cause.


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