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Selecting a new HRIS

Keep These 5 Things in Mind When Selecting New HR Software

By: Dave Rietsema On: April 28, 2017
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When the decision has been made to look into selecting new HR software, you might be overwhelmed by the number of solutions available. The market for HR tech has practically exploded in recent years, with tons of new vendors stepping onto the scene carrying a plethora of options. When looking through all of these beautiful and diverse options, keeping the following points in mind may help you to find your direction.

Your Selection Will Dictate Your ROI

At the heart of the decision to purchase HR software is the desire to save money and inflate the bottom line. Keeping this in mind throughout the selection process can help you to truly prioritize your features in a way that will allow you to see a fast and worthy return on your investment. Instead of arbitrary and optimistic priorities, figure out how things like self service and benefits enrollment will save HR labor dollars.

Buy In Begins Even Before Selection

The human element of HRIS adoption often turns out to be the most trying part of introducing a new system, so remember that buy-in begins right from the start. Bringing your key HR pros into the selection process and appointing some of your other stakeholders to your project team can help to drum up enthusiasm and streamline adoption.

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Security Must Be a Priority

Not all HR software solutions are created equal when it comes to security, so it’s important to review the security features and policies and figure out whether those meet your needs. Your security needs may vary depending on the structure of your workplace, things like BYOD or remote work might call for different security measures than brick-and-mortar stores with HRIS kiosks.

The “Best” System May Not Be the Best for You

It’s easy to be blinded by the glitz of the systems that are touted as “best in class” and simply go with the shining reviews as evidence that a certain HRIS is the one. Even the system that is known for being the best on the market might not be the right one for your workplace, however.

Before even scouting for a system, take the time to brainstorm and list priorities with your team. Consider the size of your organization and the industry that you operate in. Armed with these specifics, you’ll be able to look at different system features and vendor offerings with a more critical eye that will ultimately make your selection a better match for you.

A Little Help Might Go a Long Way

The HR software selection process can take forever if you start from scratch with the research and try to puzzle out your shortlist by yourself. Worse, you could end up going to all of the trouble just to select a solution that ends up not working for you. A little help from a HRIS technology consultant or vendor matching service can save you time, give you a degree of expertise, and potentially put you in contact with solutions you otherwise wouldn’t have found.