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What You Should Know When Leaving a HRIS Vendor

By: Dave Rietsema
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Breaking Up Is Hard 

Acquiring a new HRIS may seem like a dream come true, especially if your legacy system has problems. However, breaking off the relationship with an HR software vendor can be difficult and can stir up some unexpected trouble. Before you have the hard conversation with your HRIS vendor, consider the following points so that you can mitigate problems as much as possible.

There May be Problems with the Contract

HRIS contracts often specify a certain length of time, but it may be difficult for your company to stay with the vendor until the end of the contract if the software no longer suits your needs and purposes. If you break the contract, however, there may be stiff penalties. It can be tough to decide between retaining (and paying for) functionality that you no longer need while test driving a new system or simply resigning to pay the fees to break the contract.

Your Employees May Not Be Happy with the Change

Changing things in a company can be difficult and the employees may not always be on board. No matter how difficult and pieced together processes are to perform with the legacy system, employees are likely to be used to the way things are done. It is important to make an effort to communicate with employees and manage the change when leaving one HRIS vendor and moving onto another.

Support May Lag After Your Announcement

If you decide to be courteous and notify your HRIS vendor in advance that you will be leaving and finding a new vendor, be prepared for the quality of customer service and support to decrease. Since the vendor knows you are leaving, there is no incentive for them to impress you or make sure that you are completely satisfied with the quality of care. While they are still required to take care of your needs until your contract expires, expect to have longer waits and bare minimum service.

Your Data May Become Difficult to Access

Some vendors may actually charge you for your own historic files if the solution is hosted. Other vendors may make it more difficult to access information that was once available at a click in order to make your transition more difficult. Historic data can be necessary for making certain business decisions, so it is crucial to make sure that you are able to access this important information.

It may be helpful to back up files if you have the option or to print data before announcing your intention to drop the vendor. These may seem like unnecessary precautions, but they can be very helpful if the vendor does decide to make things difficult.

While you may feel that the vendor has always been fair in the past, a lot can change if the vendor becomes upset that you are leaving. It is best to be safe and consider all possibilities before announcing your intention to leave- they have your information, which puts you in a vulnerable position.

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