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Payroll Software for Small Businesses

By: Dave Rietsema
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Small businesses generally have to function with fewer people performing multiple tasks compared to larger businesses. While it may seem like payroll would be easy to do with few employees, the reality is that payroll can still take hours and errors can cost a small business more than they‘re worth in penalties. Payroll software can help to mitigate these issues and can assist a new company with maintaining a reliable image.

Payroll Software Accuracy Guarantees Ease Worries

Most payroll software comes with accuracy guarantees that provide peace of mind. Payroll software is tested and audited regularly by experts, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in compensation and tax filing. If there is a problem, the vendor will generally assist with correcting it.

Paycheck Options Fit Needs

Small businesses may operate better with direct deposit or with paper paychecks. Having the option to use direct deposit can prevent bottlenecks at the place of business on payday, but being able to run paper paychecks with just a few clicks can also be convenient. Payroll software vendors often provide options that allow employers or even employees to choose their preference.

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Software Simplifies Tax Filing for Small Businesses

Tax filing can be tricky when it’s done manually. Payroll software comes standard with tax tables, automatic calculators, support for deductions, and customization options. These options make it easy to calculate taxes or have them calculated automatically, but they also help small businesses to make sure that key people are familiar with the requirements and guidelines.

Once taxes have been calculated, payroll software can help small businesses with filing and submitting required reports. This degree of assistance can save small business owners time and frustration while ensuring that taxes are filed correctly. Since everything can usually be submitted online, there’s also no messy paperwork to organize and contend with afterward.

Payroll Software Mobile Accessibility Improves Experience

Employees generally expect to have some kind of mobile access to their payroll records. Many small businesses don’t offer this option, however, so having payroll software that allows employees to view their own paychecks and information can improve their experience. This could serve as a competitive advantage when recruiting and keep existing employees more content.

Additionally, the user experience may be improved for the accountant, manager, human resources professional, or owner that’s responsible for doing payroll. Managerial mobile options allow payroll to be run from a mobile device so payroll never has to be done late because a meeting ran over or other outside obligations interfered.

May Be More Affordable

Payroll software may be more affordable than an accountant or third party payroll company. Payroll software companies may charge a flat rate or per employee. This allows small businesses to select the structure and pricing that fits their needs and budget best.

Some small businesses don’t look into payroll software because they feel it will be too expensive or are unsure whether the time savings will be worth the investment. Payroll software for small businesses may be more affordable than expected, however, and may also exceed expectations for functionality and efficiency. Investigating payroll software is worthwhile for most small businesses.

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