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How Can You Tell if a HRIS Vendor is Right for You?

By: Dave Rietsema
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When selecting a HRIS, there are tons of considerations that must be factored in. Unfortunately, it is easy to simply look at features and functions of the system and fail to consider the impact that the vendor will have on the overall success and satisfaction of your HRIS project. Before committing to any one selection, make sure that you have put just as much time into researching the vendor as any of the other aspects of the HRIS and ask yourself the following questions.

What Do the Vendor Reviews Look Like?

When looking at the vendor reviews, it is easy to focus on the parts of the reviews in which the companies talk about the features and functionality and how they have helped to improve operations – or not. While this information is pertinent, you must also look beyond that to try and figure out what the vendor did or didn’t do to help. Even in reviews in which the company partnering with the vendor does not discuss the vendor explicitly, there is information revealed if you read between the lines.

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Are You Comfortable with the Stability of the Vendor?

Just because a vendor has been around for many years, there is no guarantee of its stability. The world of HR tech is a fast moving one in which outdated systems are quickly phased out and new vendors can come to the head of the class. Look at the number of clients and the financial stability of the vendor so that you can gauge whether or not they will be around to service your company’s HRIS needs for as long as you need them.

Has the Vendor Answered All of Your Questions Satisfactorily?

During the demo, you will likely have a number of questions about the HR software being presented. Vendor representatives generally have a schedule prepared for the demo, but should be amicable about answering your questions and altering the presentation as needed to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software so that you can take the next step in purchasing it.

If the vendor is avoiding your questions or rushing through them to get back to the planned presentation, it may be a red flag that the software is not right for you. Even if all features line up with your needs, a failure on the part of the vendor to address your concerns may be a red flag that you will ultimately be disappointed with customer service if you choose the vendor.

Does the Vendor Understand Your Industry?

HRIS vendors generally work with companies in several different industries, so it is important that the vendor knows how to work with the specific needs of your industry. If there are no other companies in your industry partnered with the vendor, it will be hard to assess the potential usefulness of the system to your company. The vendor should be able to answer specific questions about how the system will work for you and show you reviews or statistics from companies in your industry that have used the software.

Don’t overlook the compatibility of the vendor when making a HRIS selection. You company will likely work with the vendor that you select for many years, so make sure that you are comfortable with their support, stability, knowledge, and methods before purchasing their software.