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Transforming HR Systems with Self-Service HRIS

By: Dave Rietsema
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Evolving corporate cultures require that HR systems evolve, too. While this may seem to be a no brainer, it has taken a long time for HR systems to evolve from the piecemeal manual process that was used for decades. With the introduction of self-service HRIS, the landscape of HR is now making fast strides toward a more logical and efficient system.

Accommodating Alterations in Employee Expectations with Self Service

Employees are no longer content to have a “middle man” that speaks for them. As companies grow, however, it can be difficult for each voice to be heard. Self-service HRIS is now making it easier for employees to be heard directly by the relevant departments, helping companies to meet employee expectations.

More Streamlined Systems

Once upon a time, all HR data had to be entered into the system by an individual that was trained specifically to do so. Information about payroll was often done by another department or possibly a third party, and other revenue information was the responsibility of yet another department or entity. Self-service HRIS is helping to streamline all of these processes by linking these systems together and making the information accessible by those who need it.

Reduction of Errors

Along with making data entry and transfer faster and more efficient, self-service HRIS is also helping to eliminate errors. Human error has always been a major factor when information is entered manually. Self-service HRIS virtually eliminates errors in data transfer and makes it much easier for human resources managers to spot errors in employee or applicant information that has been recently added.

Improving HR Functionality

The functionality of human resources departments can be greatly improved with the addition of a self-service HRIS. HR managers can completely focus on issues that require a human touch. HR managers’ time is no longer taken up with data entry or researching simple inquiries for employees.

More Employee Empowerment

Self-service HRIS allow employees to access and make changes to their own personal information. Some of the information that employees can access or make changes to on self-service HRIS from any computer with internet includes:

  • Sick leave hours
  • Vacation hours
  • Pay rate information
  • Performance appraisals
  • Information about HR inquiries or reports
  • Requests for paid leave
  • Address and personal information changes

Easier Self Service Compliance and Auditing

With the ease of data entry and the improved efficiency of HR functions, data has become easier to audit. This has improved data integrity, ensuring greater compliance with both company policies and existing legislature.

Making Self-Service HRIS Work

Self-service HRIS can transform the HR system of a company, but it is necessary for human resources managers and the managers of other departments to work together to make employee utilization as common and widespread as possible. Employees should be trained to use the system as part of the standard job training process. Managers should ensure that employees feel as comfortable using the self-service HRIS as performing any other aspect of the job prior to the completion of training.

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