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Should You Adopt Social HR?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Social media is here to stay, with greater numbers of users trying different social platforms every single day. Social media has permeated every age group and people from all walks of life use social media, though people may gravitate towards one specific platform or another depending on their preferences.

Integrating social media into the workplace in the form of social HR can help to bring your organization to the next level, but there are many things that should be considered before adopting the new functionality.

Ease with Which the Technology Can Be Adopted

Many HR software programs now come with social HR options that can be set up and used either as part of the base package or as an add-on. Selecting this type of social media platform may help you to ensure that workplace social use is actually work oriented and may allow you to select features that will be relevant for the type of collaboration that is needed in your workplace.

However, the social function may come at a price and employees will need to be trained and encouraged to use it. Employees will obviously not already have an account, so using the social media program that comes with HR software will not be second nature the way that it may be with social accounts that the employees already use daily.

Whether Employees Already Use Social

If a vast majority of employees already connect regularly and have professional profiles posted on a site such as LinkedIn, it may make sense for your organization to simply go where the employees already are. Crafting policies and tasks around social media use that is already occurring can save the hassles and costs associated with making a culture shift in order to integrate a new social option.

On the other hand, if a survey shows that the majority of employees don’t use social media at all or use very different platforms regularly, you may reconsider adding social HR or consider adding a social platform through your HRIS solution. It is important to weight the estimated costs and time that it will take to introduce the new communication tool against the potential benefits before moving forward.

How Workplace Productivity May Be Affected

Allowing employees to access social media at work can impact productivity in both negative and positive ways. Social media can be addicting and distracting, with many non-relevant items, pictures, and videos flashing before employees eyes at rapid pace. In some cases, employers find that integrating social media into the workplace reduces productivity as employees begin spending large percentages of time clicking back to social media out of habit.

In some cases, though, social collaboration and social HR actually increase productivity by speeding up processes and enabling better communication. Having employees set up profiles allows organizations to import needed onboarding information in seconds, rather than having employees fill out paperwork and manually enter the information. It is also simple to share videos, chat in real time, or share large amounts of information quickly when there is a common social platform used in the workplace.

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