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SyncHR’s patented, enterprise-class Human Capital Management (HCM) technology is redefining and simplifying HR, Payroll & Benefits for mid-market organizations.

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SyncHR Software Overview

SyncHR’s patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM for mid-market organizations. It provides critical advantages not found in traditional systems by fully automating HR, benefits, and payroll processes, improving information accessibility and transparency across an organization, and centralizing data to ensure accuracy and consistency in real-time. Become the master of your employee data with a trusted single core system of record.

Leverage the SyncHR cloud-based platform for:

  • Core HR – Unshackle your HR team from manual processes
  • Benefits – Simplify the complexity of benefits – for everyone
  • Payroll – Eliminate manual payroll calculations regardless of the change or effective date
  • Reporting & Analytics – Free your data for better and more accurate decision making

SyncHR’s patented time relational management database dynamically updates relationships, including how they relate to each other and “when” they occur (past, present, or future.) A unique “relationship concept” lets you manage an employee’s relationship with their position, a position’s relationship with other positions, locations, cost centers, organizations, benefits programs, payroll groups, and so forth. Based on this technology, retro payroll changes and mid-period rate changes are automatically processed without any human intervention.

Why People Are Choosing SyncHR

  • Single database (one line of code) HR/Payroll & Benefits-Information only needs to be entered once.
  • Highest level of data integrity of any system on the market today-by maintaining relationships throughout time, you can view a snapshot of how your organization looked on any given day.
  • Point in time, drag & drop ad-hoc reporting, including all relationships someone has at any point in time (Ex: Jobs, Projects, Manager, Rate, Position, etc.)
  • Real-time payroll calculation with inline reporting and drill-through editing capabilities that reduce payroll processing time by up to 50%.
  • System automatically references SyncHR’s tax engine when employees update their address, and instantly sets up the correct state/local taxes (If you have employees in states with local/school taxes, this is a game changer.)
  • Designated Account Manager. No customer service teams to deal with.
  • Automated retroactive change processing and mid-period rate changes-completely automated, no manual intervention needed.
  • Built in Org Chart.

How Can SyncHR Software Help Your Company?

SyncHR is different than other types of HR solutions because of its technology. SyncHR offers a rules based engine that provides clients with the ability to create rules that will automatically handle certain transactions that typically need to be performed manually in other situations. In addition, SyncHR’s patented relationship model offers clients an unprecedented level of data integrity while providing a significant time savings since every transaction is dated and time stamped and all relationships over time are always maintained.This smart technology allows automated retro transactions to be handled precisely. Now, making payroll changes (such as calculating retro pay or beginning a pay cycle in the middle of a pay period for new hires) is no longer time-consuming and error prone, it is simply processed accurately and in real time, automatically.

User-Friendly Employee Self-Service Makes Changes Easy

SyncHR’s employee self-service is fully customizable-by both the employer and the employee. Employers are able to limit the options that are visible and accessible to employees so that information is secure and employees are able to move tabs and panels around to suit their preferences.When events such as marriage, promotions, or birth happen in employees’ lives, SyncHR software provides employees with notifications and guidance through the self-service portal to help them through the process of changing benefits and information. These prompts are another part of the event-driven function of the software, saving HR managers’ time and helping to mitigate errors.

Interactive Reporting Improves Decision Making

SyncHR software’s interactive reports allow users to view the database at different points in time so that the impact of past, present, and proposed transactions can be understood. This allows management a window into the future that can show how making a small change to one area may impact the organization on a grander scheme, or conversely how a change made in the past may have affected things such as turnover, employee performance, and productivity. Having the capability to view these big-picture changes with a few clicks can allow managers to make more fact-based decisions.

Superior Security Better Protects Employee and Company Information

Since all data is stored in one place with SyncHR software, there is only a single place to secure. The self-aware software recognizes changes and adjusts security automatically to reflect new policies, changes in employee clearance, and other updates. Data is hosted at a secure Tier III data facility and is transmitted using a 128 SSL encryption. There is also multi-point monitoring for all layers.

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HRIS Payroll Software

See the software in action by requesting a free demo. Get accurate & detailed pricing information fast. We just need a few details about your organization:

Receive a free demo of SyncHR Software

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