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Do You Need New Time and Attendance Software?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Efficient time and attendance tracking is one of the most important aspects of any successful HR and workplace strategy. Payroll, finance, employees, and managers all must work with time and attendance tracking systems and the system that is in place directly affects how and when employees get paid. A shoddy or outdated time and attendance tracking system can wreak havoc on your workplace.

Most workplaces have time and attendance tracking software in place. Automating time and attendance makes sense, as it reduces the likelihood of errors, makes it easier to apply complex rules, and aids the workplace in overcoming compliance woes. Unfortunately, many workplaces automated time and attendance tracking before automating other features, so time and attendance tracking software is now in dire need of an upgrade.

How Does the System Track time?

Workplaces are changing, so “punch cards” that were once used for time tracking may not work as well anymore. If your employees must clock in on certain kiosks, but are now on the go more often than they are in the office, it may be hindering your progress. Make sure that your time and attendance tracking system still makes sense for your company’s set up.

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Is the System Integrated?

Having time and attendance tracking software that is not integrated is a recipe for inefficiency. Having to manually transfer numbers from a time and attendance tracking system into payroll or having to view schedules that have been created in a separate system against actual hours worked can yield discrepancies and errors while wasting valuable time. When systems jive, organizations prosper.

How is Time Off Approved?

It is inevitable that employees will request time off and that managers will have to review the requests and grant or deny the time off. If time and attendance tracking software does nothing to facilitate this communication, it may be time for an upgrade. The most efficient time and attendance tracking software allows employees to put in time off requests using a mobile device and allows managers to remotely approve or deny requests.

Does the Software Help with Performance Management?

When time and attendance tracking software can be set to capture trends in tardiness and absenteeism, it can become a valuable tool for performance management. When companies have hundreds of employees or more, having a “smart” system that can provide instant notifications regarding performance lags can be helpful. These systems also make it easy to print evidence of tardiness and absences as documentation to support disciplinary actions.

Can the Software Help with Decision Making?

When reports can be customized with filters and labor can be tracked against hours to spot trends, it can make it easier for management to make smart decisions. If business rushes have occurred every Thursday at roughly 6:00pm, labor can be optimized and geared towards covering the peak times and cut at lows. This can help to save money and improve business performance.

Will an Upgrade Help the Company?

After reviewing the ways that a time and attendance tracking software system handles the above functions, it should be clear whether or not an upgrade will help your company. If your company would not benefit from the above functions or if your system performs the functions well, you may not need an upgrade. If your system doesn’t handle these functions well, you have an easy starting point for tracking a new system’s ROI and legitimate reasons to bring up to management regarding the new acquisition.

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