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Are You Using Your HRIS to Optimize Training?

By: Dave Rietsema On: July 9, 2018
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Companies have been figuring out how to use their HR software systems for training and learning management since the inception of HRIS. Most HR software solutions now offer a learning management hub of some sort, whether the training tools and materials are actually available through the software or the HRIS can be integrated with a standalone learning management system (LMS).

While using HRIS for training isn’t a new concept, there are best practices that can optimize the way that training is managed. Consider the following when designing or revising your training program.

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Create Learning Journeys

Learning journeys can be simple or complex, interactive or read-only depending on your HRIS and the way that you wish to use its training features. Learning journeys present an employee’s potential development path, with stepping stones such as training modules or classes. Displaying a learning journey as a path to promotions, bonuses, and pay increases can provide inherent motivation for participation.

Learning journeys can be used to make succession planning transparent. Ideally, employees will provide feedback and make choices regarding their training and preferred development path that will help you to best utilize their talent while simultaneously improving engagement and job satisfaction.

Customize Training

LMS and eLearning is often thought of as strictly online, with video or text lectures and digital quizzes, but these don’t have to be the only modes of training offered through a learning management hub. Classroom training can be offered in the form of scheduled classes that can be booked, tracked, and managed through the hub.

Additionally, training doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor, even if training is completed using digital tools. Online forums, webinars, and video conferences can make training a collaborative effort that brings your team together and encourages interaction.

Track Progress and Certifications

As employees complete training modules, classes, and tests, learning management hubs can be used to track their progress. In some cases, it may even be possible to store documentation that proves that employees have acquired certifications relevant to the industry. This may assist with compliance and reporting.

Some interactive learning journeys automatically track employees’ progress and record their certification and completed tests. By utilizing this function, employers can save time while making it easy to view and assess team development.

Empower Employees to Use Training Tools

Making learning management tools available to employees through self service portals empowers employees to take charge of their own development. Depending on the workplace structure, employees may be given the opportunity to complete training through kiosks at the workplace while on the clock or online on their own devices at the time and place of their choosing.

For best results, figure out exactly how employees will be compensated for their training time and how this will factor into their regular schedules so that no one is working “off the clock.” Communicate with employees about training expectations, but allow them the freedom to train at their own pace whenever possible.

Analyze and Address Skills Gaps

Using a HRIS for learning management can help you to identify skills gaps. If employees have difficulty passing quizzes or struggle with certain material, it can help you to figure out how best to individually address these issues so that your team is as strong and competent as possible.

Using your HRIS to optimize training can help your company thrive and prepare you for the future. If you are unsatisfied with the training management offered through your current HRIS or are looking to purchase an HRIS that can assist with training for the first time, we can help. Visit our free HRIS price quotes and demos page to get started.