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Why a HRIS Makes Sense for Your Company

By: Dave Rietsema
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Most companies are always trying to find new ways to save money. This is usually an uphill battle for most, but there are those that successfully do it. However, what many of them don’t realize is that when you save money, you are actually making a profit.

There are plenty of ways for companies to save money, but most of them seem to ignore one simple investment that could save money overall. They usually don’t think about investing in HR software (HRIS). Basically, this is a software package that cuts down many unnecessary tasks, and it helps your Human Resources department do things better and faster.

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

Now, many business owners ignore this type of system because they think that it is too expensive. However, this type of system saves money because it makes things easier for your HR department in the long run. You’ll see the department’s production rate increase very quickly. Many of the tasks that are done manually can be done automatically by a HRIS.

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It Increases Productivity and Decreases Mistakes

Quite naturally, not all tasks can be handled via automation, but a HRIS can take care of the simple ones that are time consuming. For instance, payroll is a huge responsibility for most HR departments. Why should you pay for outsourced payroll servicing company to process the weekly payroll when a HRIS can do it? The money spent on outsourced payroll could go towards other company expenses. Also, what about those complex FMLA and ADA laws that your company has to be knowledgeable about at all times? Who is responsible for manually completing the company’s tax forms?

You might not want to admit it, but your employees hate doing these things. In addition, these tasks are normally so cumbersome that most employees make plenty of mistakes when performing them. Generally, when these types of mistakes are detected, it is too late to correct them. Unfortunately, there are always huge consequences for making such mistakes. But this is less likely to happen if your company invests in a high quality HRIS.

HRIS Can Help Analyze Employee Info

So far we’ve discussed many wonderful examples of why your company should just bite the bullet and invest in a reliable HRIS. However, there are other reasons for making such a good investment. The average HRIS compiles a lot of valuable information. Most HR departments enter and maintain mounds of employee information. Have you ever thought about tracking and analyzing this information?

There could be a lot of harmful things lurking within that compiled information. Find ways to save money by analyzing this info. Certain types of workers always seem to be more liability than others. Why does this continue to happen? What are you missing? A good HRIS system can help you address these questions. If you identify a pattern that hurts the company financially, create a plan to eliminate it.

In conclusion, a HRIS can save your company plenty of money in the long run. Instead of complaining about how much money you’ll have to invest, think about the amount of money that you’ll save. This system will make your employees more productive. It will also reduce common errors that are made by most HR departments. All in all, this little front-end investment could save your business tons of money.