Will There Ever Be a Better Time for a New HRIS?
Time for change HRIS

Will There Ever Be a Better Time for a New HRIS?

By: Dave Rietsema On: October 23, 2014
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Maybe not. It might just be that time again and you’re in the market for the next generation of HRIS software, but there are many good reasons why now might be the best time ever to update your company’s HRIS.

End-to-End Solutions

More and more, companies are seeing the value in having one integrated solution — and more are available than ever before. Providers are acquiring other providers, and they have expanded the capabilities of their offerings. And it’s not just HR administration and payroll — new recruiting tools are focused on leveraging social media, using sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. And talent management software helps keep employees engaged, enabling employees to manage their career development, acquire online training, and share information. And employers are able to gather meaningful data that helps inform hiring decisions and retention efforts.

Cooler UIs and Mobile Flexibility

These new packages offer modern, intuitive interfaces, from the administrative side as well as the employee portal. Imagine an enrollment period fraught with fewer errors because the interface that employees are using is more intuitive. And mobile integration is becoming the standard, enabling employees to update timesheets, request vacation, and update their information whenever and wherever the need arises.

And Then There’s the Cloud

Faster Startup

If you have been through a software implementation, you know how long it can take. And the more locations a company has, the further away the launch date becomes. With a cloud solution, a global company can get a new solution up and running in record time.

Easy Updates

Because the software is web-based and operates on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, it’s updated by the vendor on a regular basis. This puts an end to the purchase, install, and purchase again cycle.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With a conventional setup, companies must house the servers and provide the professionals to maintain all that infrastructure. With a cloud solution, the vendor is responsible for owning the servers and keeping them running — all without their clients having to lift a finger.

Improved Tech Support

The market for HRIS software is growing, and more and more vendors are competing for your business. They know they must provide the kind of tech support that keeps their clients happy.

Big Data

Having an end-to-end solution also means that all employee data is stored in the same system instead of six different ones. This makes it easier than ever before to leverage that data in new and highly useful ways.

Have you ever made a poor hiring decision? Chances are you have — it’s not always easy to determine who will be successful in your organization based on a resume and a few interviews. Human resources software is now designed to track employee performance over time and provide you with reliable data on what it was you could have picked up on in the screening process that would have told you which candidate might not live up to their resume and which one might have hidden depths and value. Savvy HR departments now using new measures to evaluate which potential employees will perform well, and it’s all based on analytics captured by complete HRIS systems.

Not Just Another Upgrade

If upgrades didn’t offer interesting new features, we would stick with what we’re used to. Clearly, the HR tools that are coming to the marketplace present game-changing benefits. And organizations that are still using the previous generation of software are bound to fall behind in cultivating and maintaining the best possible workforce for their business.

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